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Do you own commercial properties in Baltimore and its surrounding areas? Are you looking for a professional Baltimore property management company to handle your commercial properties?

If you answer yes to both questions, then you’re in for a positive property management experience! American Dream Realty and Management will help take your rental business to new heights with services services!

American Dream Realty and Management is a renowned real estate company specializing in different types of rental properties in Baltimore and its surrounding areas.

With years of commercial property management experience and a track record of success, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted partner for commercial rental owners.

Our commercial property management core values revolve around professionalism, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to helping clients achieve their investment goals. Being in business since 1996 has helped us establish the right property management solutions that can help you maximize your profits while reducing your workload.

We work with a team of experienced real estate professionals who stays up to date with the latest trends and developments in the commercial rental industry. Our expertise in the industry allows us to accurately assess rental rates, attract high-quality renters, and maximize the return on your investment.

Our Commercial Property Management Services

We offer extensive comprehensive services based in our market knowledge and expertise that’ll improve your investment’s potential. We conduct thorough market research, analyze data, and provide valuable insights to commercial rental owners, helping you make informed decisions that lead to success.

The following are our commercial property management services:

1. Lease Paperwork Completion


Lease paperwork is an overwhelming task, especially for commercial property owners who have a lot of other things to do. Fortunately, American Dream Realty and Management will expertly handle this for you.

Our team of experienced property managers understands the importance of proper lease documentation and can provide you with a stress-free solution.

We handle all aspects of the lease paperwork process, ensuring that all necessary information is included, with the goal of protecting your business.

By choosing us as your partner, you can rest assured that all important terms and provisions are included in the lease agreement, leaving no room for confusion and preventing any issues that may arise in the future.

2. Collecting Rental Payments

Rent collection is one of the most challenging tasks that most commercial property owners dread. The good news is that, when you work with us, our team of experienced property managers will take care of collecting rental payments on your behalf, ensuring you receive your money on time every month.

With American Dream Realty and Management, you won't have to worry about chasing down rent or dealing with late payments. We have the systems in place to make sure that rent is collected on time and that any issues with payments are promptly addressed. You can rest easy knowing that your investment is in good hands.

3. Property Showings

As a commercial property owner, you understand the importance of finding the right tenants to occupy your property. Managing showings, however, can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. This is where our property management services come in handy.


American Dream Realty and Management handles property showings for you, freeing up your time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

We also handle all aspects of the showing process, from scheduling appointments to conducting tours and answering any questions potential tenants may have. This level of service can help ensure a smooth and efficient showing process, saving you time and hassle in the long run.

4. Following Local Health and Safety Codes

When it comes to local health and safety codes, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the regulations. Thankfully, our decades of experience in managing commercial rentals have helped us establish the right process that ensures your property meets all local health and safety codes.

We understand that complying with local health and safety codes can be a daunting task for commercial property owners. That's why we make it our priority to stay up-to-date on all the latest regulations and requirements.

We work closely with local authorities to ensure that your property meets all the necessary standards, from fire safety to health and building codes.

5. Solving Conflicts

As your commercial property manager, we understand how conflicts can arise between tenants, landlords, and vendors. We're here to help solve those conflicts and ensure that everyone is satisfied with the outcome.

At American Dream Realty and Management, we believe that communication is key when it comes to resolving conflicts. We work diligently to keep all parties informed throughout the process.


Our property management services include regular inspections of the property, responding to tenant complaints, and addressing maintenance issues promptly. By staying on top of these tasks, we can often prevent conflicts from arising in the first place.

In the event that a conflict does arise, you can trust our experts to mediate and find a resolution that works for everyone involved. We understand that as a commercial property owner, you have a lot on your plate, and we aim to take the burden of conflict resolution off your shoulders.

About American Dream Realty and Management

To be successful in commercial rentals, you need a reliable and trustworthy property management company that can help you achieve your goals, and American Dream Realty and Management is the perfect partner for you!

From property management and leasing documentation to maintenance and repair, American Dream Realty and Management is committed to providing you with top-notch solutions that exceed your expectations. We understand that every property is unique, and that's why we tailor our property management services to meet your specific requirements.

If you're looking for a property management company that puts your needs first, then look no further than American Dream Realty and Management! Let us help you achieve your goals and maximize the value of your commercial property.

Areas We Serve

American Dream Realty and Management is proud to serve Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Cecil County, Prince George’s County, Towson, Pikesville, Reisterstown, Randallstown, Glen Burnie, Halethorpe, Severn, Pasadena, Annapolis, Glenn Dale, Bowie, Aberdeen, Abingdon, Edgewood, Middle River, Bel Air and Belcamp.

Besides commercial management, we also offer single-family, condominium, HOA, and multi-family property management services in Baltimore and surrounding areas .